Interior lighting planning software

OptiWin has 5-7000 users in a number of countries. The program has been translated to 10 languages. 

Main functions:

- Project oriented planning of luminaire interior in rooms

- Different room shapes and surface properties can be defined

- The room can be furnished with simple or complex objects

- Luminaires can be positioned in the room, and light calculations can be performed and documented thoroughly

- CAD drawings in all DXF- og DWG-format can be integrated in OptiWin through extensive import- and export functions. 


A CAD drawing is opened in OptiWin, room shape and position is detected and transferred to OptiWin. The CAD drawing can also be placed as a background when planning the room, to ease luminaire positioning. When luminaires have been positioned correctly, the room can be exported back to the CAD drawing. The user can select to export room shape, calculation results, luminaires, luminaire data, links to web-based product information and more. The luminaires can be represented as symbols or as a box with correct length, with and height. Luminaire information can be exported. The CAD interface is designed to be easily integrated into the different AutoCad add-on systems.

The latest version will have emergency lighting funtionality.

OptiWin can be downloaded from www.glamox.com

Development tools/Technology:

  • Visual Basic
  • MS Access
  • C



BAIT AS 2019